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My favourite products 

Oral-B Genius 

A lot of people ask me which electric toothbrush I use and this is it! I prefer Oral-B due to its circular brush head which gets into hard to reach areas. This particular brush is the "Genius" because it is compatible with bluetooth via the Oral-B app which allows you to monitor your brushing habits (brush positioning, brushing pressure, areas missed etc)

There are other cheaper, less high tech options available of course. 

Tip: look for a brush that has the ADA seal of approval. 

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Water Pik

I often recommend a water flosser for more efficient/ effective flossing! This works great if you have braces, low manual dexterity or if you hate to floss (I know you hate flossing...) The Waterpik uses a stream of pulsating  high pressure water to clean the plaque and debris off your teeth. 

This method is definitely messy and requires some practice.

I still recommend using traditional sting floss a few times a week in combination with water flossing for maximum cleanliness 

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Johnson & Johnson floss

This faxed floss is defenitly my go to. Its cleans the teeth great and doesn't tear or shred!

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Tongue scrapper 

Tongue scrapping is often over looked, frankly a huge pet peeve to a dental hygienist. The tongue is the main source of stinky breath. 

I recommend tongue scrapping morning and night. 

scrape the tongue in one direction (not back and forth) to prevent spreading bacteria instead of getting rid of it!! 

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Mouth Rinse 

You can never go wrong with mouth rinse as the final step to your oral hygiene routine. I use this alcohol free Listerine to avoid the dreaded burning sensation often associated with mouthwash

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Breath strips 

I always keep a pack of these in my purse, car, you name it. You never know when you'll eat something loaded with onions and garlic and need a little pick me up

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